Hope Pharmaceutical

Hope Pharmaceutical is an importer of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and natural health products. Our mission is to facilitate Canadian and US market access for foreign companies and their products, while eliminating their need for a Canadian or US facility and the associated costs. Leveraging our business infrastructure, knowledge of the regulatory and quality requirements for your product and our extensive third party network, we can make your plans for growth in North America a reality.
Here's how we can help.

Clinical Products

  • Clinical strategic planning to satisfy US and Canadian regulatory requirements
  • Protocol and Investigators Brochure creation
  • Clinical Trial application filing with Health Canada and or FDA
  • Importation of clinical materials for trials in Canada and US

Products that have completed Clinical Trials

  • Regulatory strategy for Health Canada and FDA product licence applications  (medical devices, pharmaceuticals and natural health products)
  • Prepare and file product licence application with FDA and or Health Canada (medical devices, pharmaceuticals, natural health products)
  • Importation of licensed products into US and Canada as per FDA and Health Canada regulatory requirements
  • Facilitate global shipping
  • Arrange warehousing and distribution of products
  • Provide ongoing Quality Assurance for imported products
  • Provide contact list of medical doctors/specialists targeted for your product
  • Product placement in chain pharmacies
  • Ongoing pharmacovigilance


Whether you are looking to form a long term business relationship with Hope Pharmaceutical, or use our services until you get a foothold in the Canadian & US markets, we look forward to assisting with your expansion plans.    
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